Demo day
WineTech Startup Lab

August 8 - 2020
Why wine ?

Wine is one of the oldest drinks. It was associated with the culture and mysteries of ancient civilizations. According to the Greek legend, the appearance of man is associated with Dionys, the god of wine.

WineTech is one of the young but fast growing industries both in the world and in Russia. Traditional business models are beginning to give way to innovative approaches, and the current situation with the global transformation of consumption and shifting focus to online will only deepen this trend.

How much interesting can new technologies bring to the wine world? In our lab, we will help to bring new ideas, products and services to the WineTech industry.

It's an experiment! We are all - researchers here;
The opportunity to meet interesting people and experts;
It's NOT a regular accelerator (too many of them, right?);
It's NOT an educational program (we're not just about lectures);
It's NOT time killer. It will be necessary to work a lot.
The possibility to launch your own startup in a perspective and enjoyable industry.
Wine Way
The space of collaborative and creative work;
Program schedule
Week 1-2
  • Wine Industry in general;
  • What is wine and how it is produced;
  • How wine are tasted?;
  • Unusual wines and wine communities;
  • Wine bar culture.
Week 3-4
  • Protopersons;
  • Customer Developement;
  • Market research;
  • WineTech startups in the world;
  • Idea Generation Tools;
  • Laboratory of ideas.
Week 5-6
  • Expert sessions and testing ideas;
  • UX and UI Products;
  • Prototypes without code;
  • Gamification;
  • Business models;
  • Finance;
  • Startup packaging.
Week 7-8
  • Help in forming teams;
  • Preparing for the pitch;
  • Collaborative testing;
  • Final pitch.
8 full weeks: 16 June - 7 August
Demo day - 8 August
Any city in the world, 18+
Any higher education
The desire to launch the startup
The aspiration to develop the WineTech industry
Requirements for participants
The number of participants is limited

The whole program will be online
The tools that we will use
The main tool for assembling startup projects and sandboxes. There will be links to all other tools at once.
Group chats, shared chats, chats with experts and lecturers. There's communication that won't get lost
All our lectures, master classes, formal and informal meetings will be here.
Google docs
And here will be created the main artifacts of future wine startups.
Tinofey Golovin
Winno Moscow
Evgeny Bogdanov
Head of Strategic Development Simple Group, CEO of the Moscow Sommelier Association
Ekaterina Shpigel
Founder of the most atmospheric wine bar in St. Petersburg - Do Immigration
Dodo-Alexander Knyphausen
Partner of family wine estate VDP. Weingut August Eser/ Rheigau, Germany
Elena Kravchenko
Director and sommelier
Wine Experience Travel
Arseniy Dabbakh
Partner RB Partners, Founder and Dsight owner

Olga Golovina
Senior PR Manager
Vinci Agency

Daria Khlopova
UX researcher

Grigoriy Oganesyan
Associate Director M&A в KPMG
Diana Sirazi
Correspondent of "Zvezda" TV channel
Elena Fedorova
Alianta Group
Olga Zakharkina
Bacardi Quality Manager (Wines and Prosecco Martini)
Vincent Petre
Cofounder 33INSIGHTS (Bordeaux), ex-Accelerator Wine&Spirits, Food and Tourism
Andrey Ivashencov
Owner of prosecco Lumaca, Chief Innovation Officer in Yode Group, Microsoft Regional Director on Mixed Reality, expert on Mixed Reality
Eduard Astapov
Co-owner of Zolotaya Balka, Managing director

And experts
Anastasiya Makeenok
Independent startup expert, ex-Microsoft startup expert
Veronika Kabanova
Program manager
Winno Moscow

Irina Yashina
Portfolio manager
the Untitled ventures

Dmitriy Ognev
Development director

Andrey Korshunov
Director of Corporate Programs сenter IBDA RANEPA
Ivan Gorshunov
Mentor Google for startups, creator of own prosecco
Olesya Kostrykina
MTS Startup Hub Project Manager, Startup Communities Expert
Vadim Dmitriev
Founder of Igrofсom, expert in gamification.
Araik Oganesyan
Wine distribution expert
Media partners

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How much does it cost?
Wine way lab:
The program is completely free, we take no money or share. So we'll be very careful in selecting applications. The competition for previous programs was 10 people per place. Answer the questions in the application in as much detail as possible.
Do I need an idea or expertise in wine to be selected for the program?
No, you don't need both at the start. You can come with a desire to make a wine startup, and we'll help you immerse yourself in anything related to wine. We can help you assemble a team, find an idea, check it with experts and pack it into a business project.
Well, we'll come up with a startup, then what?
Then we'll tell you where to go with the ideas. For example, you can apply to us for an accelerator (we make investments and help to enter the French market), or you can apply to other accelerators. In any case - the wine market is constantly growing, with a good startup you can go to different programs around the world.
Why would you do that?
We invest in the development of the startup community, because the funnel of startups into our fund and accelerator depends on it. In addition, we like the theme and are happy to be the first users of your startups.
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